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All of the projectors in this section are positioned within 1 – 1.7m of the 80″ IQBoard.

They can be mounted by either ceiling mount or Wall mount.

We would recommend the ceiling mount if the ceiling is not higher than 4m as itis  lower cost and tidier.

Otherwise we would feel the higher cost of the wall mount is justified where a boom arm comes out from the wall.

We recommend a ceiling mount as it is tidier.

Why would you Choose 1 over the other?


Apart from the Mitsubishi they all come with the 3 Year On site warranty and bulb warranty.


Including VAT – The BenQ at €678, The NEC at €715, The Sanyo at €811 and the Mitsubishi at €841


At full mode the NEC is the brightest at 2600AL followed by the BenQ at 2500 and the Sanyo and Mitsubishi at 2000 Ansi Lumens

Throw Distance from the IQBoard

The Sanyo is the closest at 86cm followed by the Mitsubishi at 110cm, the NEC at 120cm and the BenQ at 145cm

Bulb Life

In Eco Mode the NEC and Mitshibishi both claim 5000 hours, followed by the BenQ at 3000 and the Sanyo at 3000.

Background Noise Level

The Mitsubishi is the quietest in Eco mode at 26db, NEC 29db, Sanyo 31db, BenQ at 32db,

Power Consumption Operational

Mitsubishi 180Watt, Sanyo 250 Watt, BenQ 275 Watt, NEC 325 Watt

Power Consumption Standby

BenQ 1 Watt, Sanyo 1 Watt, Mitsubishi 1 Watt, NEC 3 Watt

Audio Output

This is relevant only if you are NOT using separate wall mounted speakers.

Mitsubishi has 10 Watt Speakers followed by BenQ with 5 Watt, Sanyo with 1 Watt speakers, NEC external only.

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